Choosing the Right Joomla Development Company in Your Area

Joomla is an open source content management system (CMS) widely used for website development today. Its flexibility, versatility and extensive capabilities has made Joomla the CMS choice of most professional website builders. It has special abilities to help webmasters develop websites at affordable costs. Joomla was written in the PHP programming language. A major feature […]

Most Important Joomla Extensions You Need For Your Site

Most people think Joomla doesn’t have as good extensions as WordPress. Probably, they did not know about the huge and diverse range of available Joomla extensions. 1. Akeeba Backup Anyone who has lost a site or two, knows just how disastrous it can be. Whether the loss is by a hacker, or simply forgetting a […]

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MM Plug-Ins: Joomla Web Design and Bespoke Development Services


During the early days of the web, many online businesses used plain HTML files to create their websites. They would post catalogues, sales pages and information about their companies online. Updating these static pages required some knowledge of HTML as well as the ability to use an FTP server. Managing a small website like this is difficult enough, but it becomes problematic when you need to make regular updates as the site grows.

Content management systems make it possible to update your website using your web browser and an interface that is similar to a word-processor rather than a code editor. This is a simpler, faster process with lesser errors which makes it easier to add rich media and format complex changes to your pages.

At MM Plug-ins, we specialise in Joomla website development, and offer everything from basic installation and configuration work to theme creation and even customized plug-in development.

Why Use a Content Management System

Joomla is a sophisticated, free and open source content management system which can be used to build everything from a simple website to a complex intranet, extranet or online application. Its biggest selling points are modularity and extensibility. You can use Joomla to build a small, simple website or add plug-ins and modules to turn your installation into something much more complex.

Getting Started With Joomla

Using a CMS is easy, but the installation and configuration can be difficult. This is what MM Plug-ins can help you with. We are experts in Joomla installation, configuration and development. Whether you are looking to run a small community portal, a store for your business, a member site, or an enterprise intranet, we can help you get started.

Joomla is a robust and powerful platform, used by a wide range of companies, such as Citibank and Harvard University. With the Joomla technological platform base, you can use it to do almost anything: from a reservation system to inventory control or even a news portal.

Get the Look You Love

Out of the box, Joomla websites have a distinctive appearance. If you are happy with the basic Joomla theme, then you can use it or simply alter a few images to suit your style. Otherwise, you can re-skin the entire site to customize your brand. MM Plugins offers bespoke design services so you can get the look that you want for your website

SEO Friendly

We offer on-site SEO as an added service. We will make sure your website is set up in a way which allows Google to easily index it. If you are planning to engage in several paid search and banner ads or AdWords-based promotions, it is well worth investing in SEO. Organic traffic will benefit your site greatly in the long term.


Joomla is an open source platform with a large user base and numerous developers working on it. Considered as an industry leader, it is constantly updated and improved. Choosing Joomla will make you confident that your website will last for a long time. As the developers of Joomla continue to release new updates and improvements, you will pursue a low-friction upgrade path for your website, ensuring that your brand is always near the cutting edge of web development.